Meet Ernie Daykin

Family Life

  • Proud MRSS Rambler grad
  • Married to Judy  
  • Two married adult children and four special grandkids
  • I enjoy reading a good "Who done it" and taking photos, some of which are included in my photo section.
  • I also enjoy golf and one day hope my score is closer to my age than my weight. 

Professional Life

  • Past President Maple Ridge Chamber of Commerce. 
  • Past President Building Supply Dealers of BC.
  • Owned and operated the Maple Ridge Windsor Plywood Franchise for  23 years with Judy.
  • Provided building maintenance contract services to Non-profit housing providers. 
  • Administrator for Baptist Housing managing a 93 unit subsidized rental apartment building. Part of construction project team on 158 unit seniors housing project.

Ernie Daykin's Governance Experience

12 years of service on Maple Ridge Council,  6 years as Mayor.

Over the past 30 years, Ernie has served on a variety of Community and Provincial Boards in the roles, of Board Member, Treasurer or Chair Person. They include:

  • Past President, Maple Ridge , Pitt Meadows, Katzie Seniors  Network
  • Maple Ridge Community Foundation
  • Audit Council for Auditor General for Local Government 
  • Building Supply Dealers Association of BC
  • Maple Ridge Community Services
  • Burnett Fellowship Baptist Church
  • Building Supply Dealers Association of BC
  • Ridge Meadows Hospice Society

Ernie Daykin's Ten-Step Plan for Maple Ridge

Step One – Building Relationships.

Without positive, respectful relationships, we won’t achieve our goals. I am strong, approachable, reasonable, and considerate. These, I think, are the best qualities a Mayor should have. I know partnership cannot be taken for granted, and I will continue to behave in such a way as to encourage debate and communication while listening to and respecting different opinions, always looking for areas of common ground.

Step Two – Public Safety.

I believe there are things we can do fairly quickly to start addressing the feelings and realities around a lack of safety. In the downtown, I would work the RCMP to establish foot and/or bike patrols to increase the presence of the police. Traffic enforcement at high crash locations and areas where speed is a challenge would be a priority of mine. I will work with the RCMP to find ways of increasing response times and satisfaction levels.

Step Three – Homelessness.

 The current provincial government and BC Housing have installed modular housing on Royal Crescent. Like it or not, that housing now exists. As Mayor, I would obtain an injunction to clear the Anita Place camp, and then direct the Parks Department to begin the process of establishing a park there, which the Port Haney residents have been waiting for. As Mayor, I want those individuals who need help to be able to get help. I also want those residents who have been victims of crime to see results coming from the criminal justice system. 

Step Four - Transit

 I can be a persuasive voice at the TransLink table. An expanded Community Shuttle program is a key part of Transit planning for our work force during rush hour, and for secondary and post-secondary students. West Coast Express service needs to expand, including longer trains to increase capacity, and more trains throughout the day. 

Step Five – Business Support and Development.

I know with my style of leadership I can provide a working environment that allows a new spirit of helpfulness to thrive in City Hall. We have good people doing tremendous work; I intend to support them to do even better. 

Step Six – Family Physician Recruitment.

 As your Mayor, I will engage with the Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice to attract more family doctors to Maple Ridge. This, to me, is an absolute necessity. The City can provide leadership and partnership working with the Division to ensure citizens are able to access a family doctor in our community. 

Step Seven – Planning and Growth.

We need controlled, careful development to provide adequate housing and to provide an increased tax base so we all pay our fair share. I believe that urban development within the Urban Boundary set out in the Official Community Plan should be encouraged to increase density in our urban areas.

Step Eight – Taxes and Spending.

If I am elected Mayor, I am not looking at moderate or large tax increases; I believe we can move forward prudently. Prior to raising any taxes, I will build a business case for it. More than just consultation, I promise to listen to the views of any affected resident. Before any new money is spent, I will prove to you that we need the service being contemplated AND we will be able to pay for its upkeep in the future. I also support operational efficiencies at City Hall.

Step Nine – Garbage Collection.

I have always supported the existing garbage and recycling system in Maple Ridge, It encourages citizens to manage their household garbage costs and participate in a first- class recycling system. I strongly believe that each resident is in the best position to choose how they deal with their garbage and how much they wish to pay for it.

Step Ten - Mobility Pricing.

I will fight for a fair solution for Maple Ridge. Inadequate public transit means we are often forced to use our cars. That is where mobility pricing fails the people of Maple Ridge. In the spirit of fairness, I will have the conversations that need to take place about the fairness of mobility pricing, in a way that is more likely to create consensus.


My Vision for the City of Maple Ridge

We live in an amazing community with the very best of


both worlds….an hour so drive to the west and we can take in a Whitecap or a Canucks game or in 30 or 45 minute be enjoying Kanaka Creek Regional Park or Golden Ears Park.   


My Vision for the City of Maple Ridge

I believe Maple Ridge needs to grow in a way that respects the natural beauty that surrounds us, from Golden Ears Park to the Fraser River; from Whonnock Lake to Kanaka Creek Regional Park. 

The centre of our city – the downtown core – needs to continue to re-develop and embrace higher density which in turn encourages retailers and service providers to flourish. A vibrant downtown core should create a buzz with unique shopping and dining options. 224th Street can connect Memorial Peace Park to the Fraser River as a welcoming walkable street. Downtown should attract residents and families with celebrations, relaxation and laughter. This is my vision and I know I can lead efforts to get us there. 

As Mayor, I will encourage an appropriate investment in parks, culture, and the arts. Active aging needs to be a reality, while still offering the under 16 age group healthy, active and creative options.

Maple Ridge will thrive with well-planned development and a range of appropriate housing types: condominiums, townhomes, single family homes, and larger properties. I will work to ensure that construction respects the environment and existing neighbourhoods, with urban development kept within the urban boundary set out in the Official Community Plan. 

Under my leadership, Maple Ridge will strive to provide working adults with good employment opportunities. As a Regional Town Centre, I will convince Translink to improve transit routes and schedules. Local shopping will expand as our population grows, because we are a welcoming community for investment and innovation.  

Maple Ridge can, with me as Mayor, return to its reputation as a place people are proud to call home, a model for attracting new residents and business investment alike, all while leaving our natural surroundings for families and visitors to enjoy. 

This vision becomes a reality while respecting and treasuring the special place Maple Ridge is!!

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